Thursday, January 19, 2017

A big fat NO to body shaming!

In the spirit of #bodyacceptance, let me post this photo of me a couple of years back. Rolls and thunder thighs and cellulite and stretchmarks are all known things that don't exactly make you flawless.
It shocks me that at this day and age, some people still turn a blind eye when they see people bashing even Miss Universe candidates who work hard to get all dolled up and achieve that pageant-ready look! Oh dear goodness.

Skin with fat will show cellulites. Skin stretched out will show marks on it. And yes, swimsuits ride up and give you an unflattering crotch, sometimes it just won't stay put even if you try to put hairspray on it!

Point is, stop #bodyshaming. Seeing 88 beautiful women from all over the world only shows that there is #beautyindiversity. And #bodyshaming is not something I will tolerate as long as I am alive. Let us celebrate beauty in all its forms, whether it's the one we are used to seeing, or newer, unique and equally wonderful ones too. Let's all be as classy as #queens.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

My eulogy for my grandmother: how she was the worst and the best.

Lola was the worst. How, you might ask. I don’t claim to know all the details, but I will try to enumerate a few things about her.

She was the worst in denying my requests to go with her wherever she went. I remember back in the day when my family still lived in Rizal and she would make the long trip alone just to see us. I remember her chatting with my mom the whole time and when she’d announce that she’s going, I’d yell, “Lola, sama ako!” I think I even cried on one occasion, because I really wanted so much to go with her. Whenever she was in her bedroom with her closet open, I would immediately ask if she was going anywhere. It didn’t matter if she was only going to the supermarket, or to the bank. I just wanted to tag along. And like all grannies they can’t resist when their grandkids asked for something so fervently. 

She was the worst in feeding her grandkids. When I was young, I hated eating vegetables –which was not unusual. Dad was always scolding me for not trying to eat vegetables but it’s not such a mystery why I didn’t try to eat more greens –my lovely lola lets me eat just meat, and lets my younger sister eat the vegetables. She would rather have me eat solely meat than eat nothing.  (So dad, alam mo na kung bakit di ako kumakain ng gulay my entire elementary days.) She’d tell me I’m too fat, but will ask me to take home more food. (She’s confusing, no?)

She was the worst critic. Growing up, I was so bent on pleasing her with following the dress code she wanted for young little girls. She preferred that girls wore dresses in church, much to the dismay of my younger sister who preferred to dress like my dad –in a shirt and jeans. I willingly obliged to wear dresses and would pick on us when anything my sister and I wore something too rugged or too revolutionary for her. Just imagine how harder she was on us when it came to our grades! Oh you better run for the hills when your grades dip drastically because you are dead meat.

She was the worst in scolding her grandchildren. There was this one time I was driving our old owner type jeep without a license and accidentally knocked over a parked motorcycle. I didn’t have enough money to cover everything and she paid for the rest. She scolded me, telling me I wasn’t being careful and she threatened to tell Dad. I don’t think she ever told dad though. (Sorry dad. Hehe.)

She was the worst in keeping her cool. Nobody, but nobody in the family will tell you that my lola is “cool as a cucumber.” She flares up when things don’t go her way, and gets upset when you try to make a point in what you assumed was a discussion between you and her. Five seconds into your argument you would have wished you just didn’t say anything and let her ramble on till her anger dissipates.

She was the absolute worst in a lot of things. But she was even better on most:

She had the biggest heart for me. She could have just brushed me off when I expressed my interest in singing and playing the keyboards. She could have just left me with empty promises of a lesson, much less a keyboard to play. But she helped me ask my grandfather for a keyboard and looked for a music teacher to teach me how to play the keyboard. I vandalized the house with crayons and any writing tool known to man and she didn’t even mind the crazy waves I’ve made in her immaculately white walls. She let me be a child and explore around the house, even if it meant a lot of mess.

She was the best for letting me hang around with her all the time. I watched her do her sewing, stayed close by when she fed the chickens, and even learned to play Solitaire in the afternoons because I hanged around her all the time. I followed her around when I was 4 while she was busy watering her beloved orchids. She answered all my questions about whatever she was doing around the house. I loved her stories about the sports she played back in the day, and she painted me a picture of how their old high school looked like. She told me stories about the second World War. And how her children were all so great. She told me how Dad used to play ball, and how panicked she was when Dad was seven and went missing while they were aboard a ship. She told me about how Auntie Marjorie joined the EDSA revolution, and how Auntie Erma studied hard at home while trying to put Auntie Jean or Auntie Cristy to sleep. 

She was the best motivator. Although sometimes she’s a little rough on the edges, lola likes to tell you to keep on going, even if you’ve already achieved something. I remember being on fourth honor all the time but she kept on insisting that I should still work hard and strive to get to keep my grades up. She told me what to watch out for and what techniques I could use in my lessons. I don’t think I would have been a consistent honor student back in the day if I didn’t get a lot of encouragement from her. She was so proud when I get featured on TV, or in a magazine.

She was the best in caring for everyone in the house. My gran was amazing. She’s raised all her seven kids without a nanny – I can’t even manage the house with just two kids running around! She’s just amazing in keeping the house running smoothly that I willingly asked to help her do a few chores. Her energy was just so infectious I learned not only to wash clothes, but make ube halaya, how to cook rice and make good grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. No one had to worry about laundry, food or the bills because she’s got that all covered. How can I not want to take after such a strong, strong lady?

She was the best rescuer when I needed her. I didn’t know what else she achieved in her younger years. I don’t know what else she gave up to ensure her family’s well-being. She’s devoted her entire life in the service of her family. She may have complained sometimes, and turned into anger fits along the way, but who hasn’t, really? She did what she could to rescue two young grandkids (me and my sister) after losing our mother. She devoted time, energy, sweat and tears to keep me and my sister Cleo safe, sound and healthy.  Lola, you saved me from a life of not knowing what a mother’s love feels like, and even if we didn’t have our mom around, you stood by us and watched us grow up.
Thank you lola, for being the strong woman I’ve seen live a long and full life. I will miss our secret dates eating halo-halo, our summer movie dates, our trips to the water park and beach, and I will miss tagging along with you. I used to yell, “sama ako, lola” all the time, but now lola, you can now rest easy and tag along with our Creator in heaven.
Lola, thank you for being the worst, and thank you more, for being the best.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dealing with Tiongky's death.

I know I haven't been writing a lot the last year or so. I have the same old excuse - I got too busy. And I'm tired most of the time I just want to de-stress in some form or the other. And unfortunately - while I got busy, I wasn't able to post everything major going on in my life.

Like one of my best friends' suicide.

It devastated the hell out of me. I was such a mess the last few months. I'd cry randomly, I'd scream in the house when I'm alone, the sadness was just so surreal. And the pain.

Oh the pain.

The pain. The feeling of loss. It was like my mom's death all over again. The difference was I spent 10 years with this person in my life. He's been to every single party I've had over the last ten years.
People even mistake us for a couple because we're always seen together. He's the sweetest, most amazing friend. And until now I feel how bleaker my life is without him texting or messaging me every now and then.

I'm doing a little better now, despite crying when I remember him. Like today, when I think of him more than I probably should to function normally.

But what the hell. I miss him. I miss his jokes, his humor, and quick wit. I even miss how he always, always, drinks my liquor at home. And how I miss thinking of serving booze at my parties because he'll be there, and the rest of the gang will want booze too.

I wish he knew how much I love him and cherish him.

Goodbye, my "first man in, last man out". I'll miss you. I'm sorry to see our 18-hour hang outs cut short with your death. You are the best guy any woman will want, believe it or not. See you when I depart this world, and make sure to welcome me with my frozen margarita, ok? Love you loads.

Fun shoot with Plus size friends

Now, I've only discovered the nice things about joining certain groups in FB. I didn't even realize that it has its own kind of fun. I joined - of course - groups of plus size people, and it's a fun community, seeing how diverse we still all are even when everyone - well almost everyone is on the round side.

I encouraged a few plus size ladies to have a shoot with a photographer - and look how the shots turned out! I did their hair and makeup - though I have to have it done in record time, since there were 3 of them! Jhoi, Joanna, Chezka and I had so much fun.

Photos by Peewee Gatchalian

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In Love with Dye-ing

My hair is very dark, thick and wavy. Needless to say I've always wanted to have brown hair and somehow I eventually wanted to lighten and lighten my hair. When I finally turned my hair blonde, bam! I discovered Manic Panic and other brands. I usually get my hair dyes from Rainbow Head (Intstagram: @rainbowhead_ph)

Look at how I've changed hair colors the last few years:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello Summer.

The word brings different images to mind, all bright and warm as the midday sun.

Despite the sweltering heat, I find myself more drawn to the warmer weather than colder months. I just love how everything seems to emanate a shade of yellow against a bright blue sky. The breeze, no matter where I am, faintly reminds me of sand, salt and sea.

Similarly, part of the reason I've come to love makeup and hair styling is how a splash of color can brighten someone's eyes, or how a swipe of lipstick could add warmth on a pale face. Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful time we had putting a few looks together!

Summer is definitely around the corner as each day passes, slightly warmer than the last. Here's team Casey| HMU by Carol and Kim's latest take on the warm weather.

Photography by Tim Bañas of Timothy's Photography, Caroline Cervantes, John Ed Rey

Styling by Kristine Del Rosario

Makeup by Caroline Cervantes for Casey HMU

Hair by Ranel Bojos of Casey HMU

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Prom Season!

Who doesn't get excited when prom season comes around? It's a time off school work, plus you get to see your friends dress up for a fab night out.

However, when I was in high school, I was feeling so self conscious that night -- I didn't have a really fab dress, since I didn't have a mom who could help me pick out one. My dad took me dress shopping and wasn't able to fully plan my look! Nonetheless I enjoyed my prom with my friends, although these days, prom-posals are raining left and right! I can't believe how forthcoming kids are now about asking girls out for their prom!

Our hair and makeup team has put together a few looks for that memorable time for our lovely teens. Contact us through Facebook, or send in an inquiry form found on this blog ;)

Products used: L'Oreal True Match Foundation, Revlon Photoready Primer and Foundation, MAC Studio Fix powder+foundation in NW44, Rihanna Hearts Mac Fall Collection lipstick in Talk that Talk, Nyx Round Lipstick in Mars, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, MAC e/s in Espresso, MAC Browset in Girlboy, MAX FACTOR mascara, Body Shop baked blush in Coral, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, Wet and Wild lipliner, Nyx HD concealer in Yellow, Evian facial mist, Sleek I-Divine palette in Au Naturel

Shot by Jason and Cheska of Trifecta Studios
Styling by Tin
Hair by Ranel of Casey Hair and Makeup by Carol and Kim
Makeup by Carol of Casey Hair and Makeup by Carol and Kim